Through the following links one might get to learn some valuable insights; mostly, yet not only, involving Gin.

Gin & Tonic Club
The Gin & Tonic Club is an exclusive business club especially for the G&T lovers out there, the real G&T drinker. The one with an excessive collection of Gins at home, the one for whom the bartender saves a special bottle behind the bar, the one who drives half an hour to get his special Tonic. Is that you? Listen up close!

Mister Cocktail
At Mister Cocktail, you can find nice stuff about spirits, brands and cocktails. This gets you on your way to making cocktails at home, because it’s not so difficult. I’d even say it’s easy! I’ve been making cocktails at home for quite a while and I hope I can guide you through the difficult vocabulary of cocktail-words, tools and specialties. On this blog you can find easy recipes, great bars to see how the pros handle it and tips for techniques.

Het GINformatiecentrum geeft informatie over gin. Gin is een gedistilleerde drank die wereldwijd een renaissance doormaakt, en ook in Nederland steeds populairder wordt. Het GINformatiecentrum wil iedereen die kennis wil maken met gin, net kennis heeft gemaakt met gin of dit al jaren drinkt voorzien van de juiste informatie over deze drank.

Gin Monkey
Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur or just looking for somewhere special,
the Gin Monkey is here to separate the good from the bad,
and help you find a great cocktail bar wherever you are!

The Gin Blog
The Gin Blog is a specialist website covering all things relating to Gin.